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Natural materials in the interior

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The ecology of any modern city leaves much. Therefore, many seek at least at home to create a more favorable environment and use environmental clean finishing materials for the repair of apartments. Among natural materials, wood undoubtedly leads. It was the tree that has been used from ancient times for housing construction. Today, technologies allow you to make interior doors from a wide variety of materials, doors are made even from glass. However, wooden doors are still in greatest demand. Among the products of Russian manufacturers, the doors of the Volkhovets doors are noteworthy. If you decide to buy a Volkhovets doors for an apartment or a country house, you will not regret the choice made. The interior doors of this brand, veneered by natural wood, differ not only in the excellent quality of execution and a reasonable price, but also by the actual design. The collections of interior doors present doors of various price categories, the most expensive doors are made of array. In order to make a quality product, the wood must be correctly processed. The type of saw. The industries use straight and angular sawing. With a corner cut, the fiber pattern is well stored. With a direct cut, more thorough grinding is required. The surface of the product from the wood of the straight cut will be very smooth, but the fiber pattern will break the eyes and knots. However, this feature can be successfully used in the implementation of non -standard interior solutions. Woods of wood can relate to various classes. The most valuable is the wood of class A. In addition to the cutting of wood, drying and processing by various impregnations is of great importance. The doors from the array are quite heavy, therefore, the convenience and durability of the door in operation will depend on how correctly the installation of doors is made in the doorway. A poorly installed door can skew over time, it will begin to close poorly, creak. Therefore, the installation of elite doors is reasonable to entrust to qualified specialists. Wooden doors of the outpost are offered in several episodes. In each collection of doors of this brand, there are several different ones, but, at the same time, combined with each other in design, models. So, if you do not want the apartment to look like a typical office, for different rooms you can choose different doors from one collection. In this case, the doors leading to different rooms will differ from each other, giving the interior originality, and at the same time harmonize among themselves.

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