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Electric power isolation for apartments and houses

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Rules and design of an increase in electric power for the apartment

Today, a modern person cannot do without the use of electricity. Electricity is present around us, filling our life with convenience and comfort, without electricity it is impossible to imagine modern industry. However, the use of electricity is a factor of increased danger, so all measures should be taken on a safe and trouble -free use. It is necessary to obtain permission for power when the planned power consumption is less than the design. For example, the allocated design capacity of an ordinary apartment is 10-16 kW, and the owner of the apartment is not enough, he wants to install a flowing five-wool water heater, household and kitchen equipment in the amount of 12-15 kW, and do not forget the lighting.

All this makes it clear that the maximum permitted power of 16 kW is simply not enough, so it is necessary to obtain permission for power or release electric power in an electric supply company, which is competent in these issues. After the application of the subscriber of the power grid on the need to release power, the electrical company issues the technical conditions of the one in which the replacement of electric cable products that feeds the consumer and automatic circuit breakers with increased bandwidth will be proposed. And also, if the existing lowering substation cannot function troublely with the consumer’s power, the construction of a new distribution substation that meets the new technical conditions will be developed in that.

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