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Linoleum characteristics

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Linoleum is rightfully considered one of the most popular floor coverings. You need to understand that before we begin to consider the main types of linoleum, that the general idea of ​​it is somewhat different from the adopted in the world. For example: in the West, a floor covering with this name consists only of natural materials like: traffic jam, wood flour, linseed oil and lime flour. Based on this, it is less practical and naturally more expensive. And also based on the above, it is not recommended to lay such a linoleum kitchen, since the spots are practically not excreted. Linoleum of domestic manufacturers, in the world is called polyvinyl chloride (or PVC).

Standard linoleum – is the most economically profitable finishing building material. Its main advantages: an incredibly large color choice, ease of transportation, simplicity of laying, ease when setting up butt joints, ease of care, excellent moisture resistance, high heat -insulating characteristics.

Such linoleum consists of several layers: PVC paste; fiberglass; lower substrate; and protective upper coating.

The better the wear -resistant layer, the longer the flooring will last. The maximum protection of this layer is made for commercial linoleums, t. e. for enterprises with a large daily stream of workers.

Linoleum is made on the basis of the following components – felt, polyester, and also has a foamed porous base based on jute. Linoleum has insulating abilities and sounding a drowning structure. The upper transparent protective layer makes it possible to save the pattern on the coating.

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