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While the gas is cheap fuel in our country, gas heating will be the most economical solution. For a full -fledged heating system, a gas boiler is required. In terms of economy, a gas boiler can only be compared with boilers on coal or firewood. However, in a modern apartment, the second option is simply inconceivable. One of the main advantages of modern boilers is complete automation, and hence the safety of use and ease of operation.

Gas boiler equipment may also depend on electricity. It can be necessary for the ignition of the fabric and the power of the electronic scoreboard. There are boilers with an ignition on piezoelent. Such boilers are an order of magnitude easier in the installation and faster are launched.

One of the significant inconvenience in the use of boiler equipment is the need for a separate chimney. This problem should be thought at the stage of designing a house. If the house is built, then in the process of designing a heating system. In this regard, wall gas boilers win. They are easy to install and contact. The chimney can be organized through a corrugated flexible pipe that removes gas combustion products into the ventilation hole.

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