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Laminate laying technology with its own efforts

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Methods and stages of installation of laminate with your own hands

Among the many floor coverings, perhaps the moisture -resistant laminate is now the most popular. And this is explainable: practical, beautiful, easy to operate, resistant to mechanical influences.

Laminate installation technology is quite simple. First you need to prepare the surface of the floor. To do this, we clean the floor from all previous coatings available on its surface to the base. Next, align the floor surface.

To avoid moisture, heat, cold, flooring is covered with special insulation with plastic wrap. Its shape, thickness and composition depends on the flooring.

Before laying the laminate, you need to choose the right line of laying the first row. The first row of laminate should be located in the farthest corner from the front door. Next, the laminate is laid so that the last row leaves the room. Between the ends of the laminate and the wall you need to leave a gap of 1 cm so that there is the possibility of springy deformation during operation. Laying is carried out “Christmas tree” – each next board is a continuation of the previous. The joints between the boards are originally impregnated with special glue. After laying, the gender will be ready for operation after a day, after the glue is completely dried up.

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