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Installation of a water heating tank for home use

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Methods of reliable fastening and connecting a water heating tank

It is useful to have such a device as a water heating tank at home. Yes, they will turn off the water, then something else will happen, and it will have to be less worn out and the warm water is always stored. But how to install this very tank so that later there is no tragedy? You need to listen to several tips:

Firstly, if four mounts are included in the configuration, then you need to do four, but not two. Very sad consequences can follow if all this colossus falls on you.

Secondly, if there is a niche (overlay) in the design of the tank, then it must be attached to special metal stripes with a minimum of 6 cm in size. in length and 6mm. In width. This is also done for your safety.

Thirdly, in no case do not use flexible hoses to connect the tank with the water supply. Use metal -plastic pipes, or copper. You can also polypropylene, they are cheaper, but less practical.

Fourthly, in order to avoid the accident, install a special tee, which in case of malfunction will block access to the water supply to the tank.

Fifth, install ground. Perhaps this is the most important point. Always set the grounding so that in the case of water leakage there is no burnation of the heating element, or, even more terrible, fire. So, the installation of a water heating tank lies with your conscience and only. Follow manufacturers’ instructions and do not skimp on additional details.

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