Home Investments “Perfect Stone” is the largest Russian producer of facing stone.

“Perfect Stone” is the largest Russian producer of facing stone.

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Artificial stone began to be used in ancient Greece. It began to be made from a solution of cement, filling it with iron templates. Already in ancient Hellas, the masters realized that it was more reasonable to deliver raw materials and make artificial stone on the spot than the extraction and transportation of huge cargoes with stone blocks. The manufactured stone was more practical in operation and production. In this regard, he was enormous. Now artificial stone is similar to any natural stone, not inferior to the physical properties of natural stone. Artificial stone made of white or gray cement, artificial or natural sand, crushed stone, gravel with the addition of shadeing pigments for obtaining the desired color without losing physical properties. All these components can be mixed by manufacturers in different relationships to increase invulnerability to frost, resistance to abrasion and other properties. If water -repellent stones are needed, then this is not a problem. It is precisely for this that hydrophobic components are provided, as well as special water -repellent agents. The artificial stone in appearance cannot be distinguished from the natural, the buildings trimmed with him are spared from external influence and are true remarkable. The facing stone is also used for interior decoration of the premises. Walls, interior openings, floor, shells, window sills and much more finished with artificial stone, will help you show you the character of your home and diversify the interior. Landscape design also applies stone. In your garden, you can give a special look to the pool, fence, arbor, flowerbed, update the path or decorate the gate. Artificial stone looks harmonious and does not stand out against the background of natural stone or wood.. Due to the materials used from which the artificial stone is made, in this regard, it turns out to be quite easy, thanks to this, it is simply to install it. Even using “liquid nails”, you will not have problems with the installation, and you will save a huge amount of time and effort. Due to new technologies in production, artificial stone is able to be used in severe weather conditions.

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