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ElectapoStation and elctic generators

by britainsnews

ElectapoStations are successfully used for the elongation of objects in various industries or in places

where there is no reliable inpatient electalism.

Electic generators are announced in the following three modes:

1. As the main and elctapoenergy and elector -generator, the Electalism of Energy receivers in normal dressing mode.

2. As a backup and elctapoenergy and electic generator, it turns on when overload, disconnect or failure of the main

Istantic Electric Energy.

3. As an emergency and electapoenergy and elector -generator, it turns on when overloading, disconnecting the main and backup units.

Designed for drinking consumers of the 1st category and a special group of consumers intended for trouble -free

stopping the technological process and subsequent recovery of sixes after the inclusion of the main (backup) and tests


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