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The component elements of a reliable and high -quality roof

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The roof provides protection of the structure from above from atmospheric precipitation. It consists of a membrane impetable for water – roof and other structures. By type of structure, roofs are distinguished – attic, in which there is a space called the attic between the cold roof and the warm overlap of the upper floor; Unreleased – connected to the overlap of the upper floor, called the coating.

Stairs are designed to connect floors with each other and individual levels in buildings.

The windows are designed for lateral lighting and ventilation of buildings and structures.

Doors and gates – structures in wall openings and partitions to the possibility of transition between adjacent rooms.

Doors, windows and gates – enclosing structures.

Foundations, walls, supports, ceilings – the main supporting structures that make up the frame of the building, which gives it strength and stability. A prerequisite for pouring walls – wall formwork – must be installed firmly. By the types of the supporting skeleton, the structures may have a full or incomplete frame, as well as be frameless. In frameless structures, all loads take over the carrier walls and give them to the foundation. In structures with an incomplete frame, only external walls are supporting. In structures with a full load frame, it takes a frame consisting of a system of crossbars and columns, and the walls are only fences.

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