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Suspended ceilings: panels, lamps, profiles

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Suspended ceiling is a special type of structure that is suspended to the main ceiling. He can fulfill several goals: improves sound insulation, increases noise reduction, creates a closed space where you can let communications (pipes, cables), performs a decorative function.

Modular suspended ceilings:

Cassette – the frame is built from metal profiles, panels are laid on it – tiles or cassettes (for example, Armstrong);

Rack – consists of thin long aluminum rails. Total dimensions: 3-4 mur in length and 10 centimeters in width. It is not used in the Generation, as it does not contribute to the creation of comfort;

Lattice – a variety of cassette, in which the resolution is not necessarily rectangular (can be oval, round or not symmetrical geometric shapes).

Whole suspended ceilings:



Types of suspended ceilings based on the material:

Metal (usually aluminum);

Gypsum (Armstrong);

Wooden (rack types);

Plastic (for example, PVC film);


Installation of suspended ceilings Armstrong

Armstrong is the most common type of suspended ceilings. It is used in offices, administrative buildings, stores. Mounted on a special metal frame from profiles. To do this, attach MA-shaped profiles to the wall along the perimeter of the room, and then along the area in size of Armstrong tiles-neat even squares from a T-shaped profile.

Then the panels are carefully laid on the profiles. In some places (usually in the corners and next to the walls) there will be too little space to put the whole tile. Therefore, it needs to be cut off in size using an ordinary stationery knife.

Also, the design of the suspended ceiling Armstrong includes special lamps, both ordinary on 4 fluorescent lamps and LEDs.

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