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Types of a metal mesh and the scope of its use

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Metal grid in construction: classification, application and purpose

During the production process, a number of simple devices can solve important problems. Metal mesh – a striking example of this. It is a product that is made of rods. Ultimately, they form cells of different shapes. Most often, enterprises from the field of construction and mechanical engineering buy a grid.


Wicker mesh has quite large cells. Speaking more accurately, then – 50×50 mm. It is used as a fence that allows you to separate one land from another. There is also a small -mesh option used to sift a variety of bulk materials.

The woven grid is designed for sifting, because it has small cells of 5-10 millimeters. It can be seen, for example, in devices that provide gas or liquid filtering, drying of grain. The net becomes an indispensable component of transport tapes.

The welded mesh is made of reinforcement (corrugated) and wire. It performs several functions. One of them is an increase in reinforced concrete structures. The grid is also used as a reliable fence in animal husbandry and poultry farm. There is a separate type with a cell 200×200 mm. It serves to strengthen the concrete layer of the roadway.

Passing and exhaust mesh is usually made of sheet steel. The composition of this material includes steel, which contains precisely a small amount of carbon. Builders use it as an excellent tool that can strengthen the plaster layer. In agricultural machines, such a grid prevents from entering a variety of large garbage.

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