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DIY pile foundation

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The foundation is a very important part of the building. He transfers the load from overlying structures to the ground. In order for the object to stand firmly by the construction company, you need to choose the right type of foundation.

The foundations are the following main types of design: strip, columnar, pile, slab. The following factors are affected by the choice of the foundation: the type of soil, the depth of freezing of the soil, the water saturation and the constructed structure.

Pile foundations are laid mainly in multi -storey buildings, there are large loads on a relatively small area. Pile foundations are used when the building (any number of storeys) is built, for example, on clay soils. Or if the upper layer of the soil is weak, then when the pile foundation is arranged, the load is transmitted to deeper dense soils. Also, pile foundations are more economical than others, since they do not require earthwork.

The main element of the pile foundation is piles. Piles are pillars or pipes that are immersed directly in the ground. Basically, they are made of various kinds of materials, such as: wood, concrete, reinforced concrete, metal (mainly steel), stone, plastic.  

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