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DIY foundation installation: what I needed to know

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Before installing the foundation blocks as a foundation base, it is necessary to carry out excavation work on the installation of a pit or trench, according to the applied marking. The foundation blocks are laid on a cement mortar, accompanying the laying of blocks with a rod or smooth reinforcement. The height of the bandage of the blocks should be at least forty to five percent of the height of the material used. On the problematic weak soils, the use of an additional reinforcing metal net between blocks is recommended for strengthening.

If the blocks are located below the ground level, they are aligned on the inside of the alleged building, above the ground level – on the outside.

During the hardening of the concrete mixture, the structure from additional vibration, mechanical loads, as well as from exposure to direct sunlight should be protected.

To provide the necessary humidity mode and temperature, walls and foundation can be covered with polyethylene or sawdust.

Installation loads on the joints and the construction of load -bearing partitions, like any other mechanical effect on the base made of foundation blocks, is permissible only when at least 70% concrete reaches concrete.

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