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Plastic transparent filters with replaceable cartridges are the most rational use of treatment systems, since with cascading installation of several such devices with filter elements for various purposes, you can reduce water pollution to a level that provides sanitary standards for drinking water. This is especially important with individual water supply of residential buildings, since the mineralization of water from household wells can significantly exceed the permissible concentrations.

Exchange cartridges for filters can be made of various material and are used depending on the task of cleaning. Nylon and coal filter elements are cleaned of impurities in size of about 60 microns, and threads – about 70 μm. At the same time, a filter with a thread cartridge can be removed from the water of grains of sand, clay and organic suspended particles, rust, algae and colloidal pollution. The coal filter helps to get rid of most chemical contaminants – chlorine, pesticides, phenols, oil products.

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