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Concrete mixers

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A concrete mixer is a tool for which you can not do without modern construction. Its name itself speaks of its purpose. The task of the concrete -reproach is to obtain a homogeneous concrete mixture from all its components by mechanical mixing.

Nowadays, due to the widespread and large number of varieties, concrete mixers have become available to the ordinary builder. They differ in size, drum volume, engine power and the principle of action. On the principle of operation, concrete mixers are forced and gravitational mixing. The work of gravitational concrete mixers is based on the rotation of the drum, in which the elements of the mixture are rolled under the influence of the force of attraction, bringing it to a homogeneous composition. In a compulsory mixer, the drum is motionless, but spider -shaped blades rotate inside it. Working drum – the main tool in a concrete mixer. It or blades are driven using an electric motor. The name of the concrete mixer is not quite accurate, t. To. With its help, they receive many building mixtures. It would be correct to name its industrial mixer or mixer construction.

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