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Is it worth laying linoleum in the hallway that you need to know

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Linoleum production can occur using natural or artificial materials. The last type is better known as PVC coating. Among artificial linoleums, several types are distinguished: commercial, household and floor commercial coatings. So, for the flooring in the hallway, the first and third type of linoleums are more optimal, since the base of the household linoleum is rather soft.

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Paul commercial linoleums have a more stringent and dense base, despite the fact that it bends quite easily, and at the same time, dents are not formed in case of pressure. In the manufacture of linoleums from natural materials, mixing of linseed oil, chalk, wood of wood and resin occurs. Natural linoleum will require special care, so, it will periodically need to wipe it with specially designed mastic.

Experts advise for flooring in the hallway commercial homogeneous linoleum as the most applicable coating. Such linoleum has a colorful coloring, and this, in turn, perfectly masks the scratches that appear during operation. It is made by polyvinyl chloride. It is noteworthy that the drawing of such a linoleum is printed throughout the structure, so it will be visible even until complete abrasion.

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