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The green color of the interior – and the fairy tale will become the past!

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Psychologists recently saw an unusual pattern – an important culprit of the depressed state is the absence … in greenish color. The room, decorated in a green color palette, will be a real protection of harmony and reassurance, will allow the opportunity to relax and relax, form and attach a sense of safety and determination in their abilities.

Real healer – green color

In large -sized rooms open to the rays of the sun, designers recommend applying bright green colors. Faculate the children’s room with cheerful curtains in greenish color with yellow inserts or similar bedspreads. Such a gamma perfectly reassures the baby. Faculate the walls of the children’s wonderful fabulous landscape, where, against the background of summer greenery, daisies and inflorescences of coltsfoot are bloomed. This detail will not only arouse a passion for the study of the world around the world, but also teach its attentiveness, perseverance. You can use green colors in decorative components – these are light sources, floor lamps, floor mats.

Official and severity

Symphony of juicy in greenish color and gold is a wonderful option for decorating a cabinet for work. The light source is a desktop under a green lampshade – not so much a tribute to the “Kremlin” interior as the design use by decorators of the structure of the human eye structure. For people who are working at the computer for a very long time, doctors are strongly recommended to sometimes look away from the monitor screen and focus it on the subject in greenish color. This will give the eyes of relaxation and the largest degree of rest.

Great action of green design

Organic unity of green and beige colors is a great solution for the design of both the kitchen and the bathroom. Designers recommend choosing a brighter tile for the kitchen. Green plus red, sand or orange – and the kitchen will receive a touch of piquancy and aesthetics. Also, according to the dietes, only the green color pacifies a large feeling of hunger and normalizes appetite.

The bathroom, decorated in the gamut of green and beige, becomes better in the grotto of the underwater life of the inhabitants of the sea. Exclusive sound will be provided by metal shiny soapses, towel drier, a cup for toothbrushes, created in the form of washbasins and corals. For a more perfect sound sound, put a flock of bright coral fish along the walls – this will perform procedures in water in an unforgettable and actually wonderful view. And if a mirror for the bathroom is still such that it has marine style, then the unity of the water element will be reflected on the other side of its plane.

The green color of the design is a visual unity of harmony, beauty and reassurance located around the world. You want to be on a deserted island, where you were surrounded by absolute nature, beauty and peace, and all the anxiety remained in the indistinct haze of the horizon? Personify the dream with the green interior.

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