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What materials are used to decorate the facade of the house

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It is known to classify, as you know, according to various signs, so by the perception of loads, the walls are divided into supporting and non -combat, and for its intended purpose – into internal and external.

Polyurethanes serve as the basis for the manufacture of elastic, semi -rigid and hard materials. Processing occurs in various methods – casting, filling, pressing, extrusion, spraying, and so on. Products and structures on this basis are used in all industries.

Crushed stone is a mixture of angular fragments of stone of a variety of configuration with dimensions of 5-150 mm. Receive it by crushing the erupted rocks (dolomite, sandstone, limestone) and metamorphic rocks.

Glued timber has appeared in our country’s country’s market recently. However, it is already quite popular. For the first time, a kind of such a wood timber appeared about three decades ago. The main material from which it is produced is coniferous wood. Pine is most often used, since it has an increased density necessary for production.

There are a significant number of options for decorating facades. Use very expensive materials and budgetary. One of the most proven is ceramic tiles. It includes water, clay and glaze.

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