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Types of welded grid

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Welded grid is made of steel wire, welding it perpendicular. There are nets with rectangular or square cells. Standard height – 1 meter, sometimes 1, 5 meters. The average length of the roll is 25, 30 meters.

To protect against corrosion at the plant, they make galvanizing, plastic coating or polymer.

When galvanizing, the amount of zinc directly affects the term and quality of the grid service. By the type of galvanizing there are:

Electrolytic galvanizing with a zinc layer of about 10 g/m2;

Electrolytic galvanizing with a zinc layer of about 20 g/m2;

Hot zinc – about 50 g/m2;

Hot zinc – about 130 g/m2.

Application of polymer coating is a modern and reliable way to protect against the negative effects of rain, snow, sea water, industrial pollution and other things. To be confident in the strength of such a grid, specify the thickness of the steel wire under the coating. The thicker it is, the more reliable the net.

Also, the ratio of the thickness of the wire and the size of the cell directly affects the strength. The smaller the cell and thicker the wire, the better. Most often, grids with cells of 50×50 and 20×20 mm are produced.

PVC coverage has recently gained popularity. It perfectly protects the net from external influences and gives an attractive appearance.

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