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How to apply liquid wallpaper on the walls

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Below is a phased technology of liquid wallpaper.

1. First of all, it is necessary to remove the wallpaper (old). This is done using a spatula. Wet the wallpaper with water, using a roller or spray gun.

2. Be sure to wash and let the walls dry.

3. Then put the cracks and other wall defects. And if there are no such cracks, and they are very small, then you can not put it down. Because liquid wallpaper levels the walls.

4. The wall must be prompted before applying wallpaper. To primed, you can take paint on a water -based basis. It is enough to paint the walls once.

5. Prepare the solution. Pour warm water into a plastic bucket or container and add the mixture, pour a shine that is sold separately and mix everything well until a homogeneous mass. Before preparing, carefully read the instructions.

6. Liquid wallpaper must be applied in two ways, it depends on the brand of the wallpaper manufacturer. Using a spatula or gun – sprayer. The technology with a spatula is simple. You need to take a little mixture and evenly put it on the wall, a spatula. It is important to know that when working with a pistol – a spray in a compressor, there must be a pressure from 3 to 5 atmospheres. You need to apply wallpaper at a temperature that will be not lower than ten degrees of heat.

7. After the wallpaper is applied, it is necessary that the walls dry out. Liquid wallpaper dries, for a long time. It depends on the brand of the manufacturer and on the temperature. Also, the moisture content of the room is strongly affected by the process. The drying of the wallpaper lasts about 11 – 80 hours.

It is worth remembering that one package has a weight of 1 kg, it will be enough for five to six m².

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