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Technology for laying new linoleum on top of the old

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Stages of installation of a new linoleum on top of the old finish

Almost all people who rent one apartment for a long time, sooner or later face the need to carry out repairs. Few people agree to carry out a major overhaul in rented housing, but a small cosmetic one, why not. It is only necessary to refresh the old ceiling, tint a little batteries and windows, as well as change wallpaper and linoleum. Completely replace wallpaper and linoleum, although not very costly, but still a laborious process.

What to do in such a situation and what to do? First you need to remove the old wallpaper, and glue new ones in place of them. And it is not necessary to buy expensive, any wallpaper will noticeably refresh the home. They definitely hold out for a couple of years, and then what to do with them to decide not to you, but to the owners or the next residents.

After that, you need to start updating the floor. In order to lay a new linoleum, it is not necessary to shoot the old one, it will act as a substrate. What should be paid attention to? First of all, it is necessary to consider the defects that are available on the old linoleum. These can be cuts, pressed places from furniture and so on. If possible to close them up. By the way, if you want to put linoleum in my own home, I found a site where you can buy a house from glued timber.

After a new linoleum has been bought and a place has been prepared for it, it must be decomposed and withstand for a while without fixing it. Sticking a new linoleum to the old one is not worth. After that linoleum lay down, it can be fixed along the walls with skirting boards, and on the threshold of a metal bar.

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