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The device of membrane roofs: advantages and main characteristics

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Options and methods for installing a membrane roof with your own hands

Polyvinyl chloride membranes, which are the main roof of this type, are designed for a service life of up to fifty years. If we talk about the structure of the roof system, then its structure is such. The main part is the membrane, which is Olefin. For the most part, the membrane is a propylene-everene rubber, and there is very little polypropylene in it. In addition, there are stabilizers and antioxidants in the membrane. There is also a reinforcing layer that helps to increase the physical properties of the entire structure. As a result of the membrane, it becomes strong to punctures and tears, in addition, resistance is the compressive action. Mount the membrane roof in different ways.

The ballast method is often applicable on those roofs where the slope is no more than ten degrees. The base should be dense and even. To ensure ballast, gravel is poured, and the sheets are attached throughout the area. The mechanical method is used when the previous one cannot be carried out, due to the value of the slope. The adhesive method is characteristic of roofs that have complex geometric shapes. The membranes are fastened with glue. This method is effective in those places where the high wind speed.

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