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How to stick on the ceiling correctly: what to take into account

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If you have ceilings with straight angles, then you can stick wallpaper, in other cases it is easier to whiten or paint. When buying wallpaper drawing, choose a different from patterns on the walls. And also keep in mind that the color of the wallpaper affects the visual perception of the ceiling – the lighter, the higher. By the size of the wallpaper in the roll and the area of ​​the ceiling, we calculate the required number of lanes and, given the waste, we buy the right number of rolls. Now we prepare the ceiling. Turn off the electricity, remove the chandelier and isolate the wires. We erode the old whitewash. Rust spots are treated with copper sulfate. A solution of hydrochloric acid will relieve the nobility of the ceiling.

We glue wallpaper on the ceiling

Washing powder will wash off stains from fat. In more difficult cases, gasoline or turpentine will help. After complete cleaning, we thoroughly plunge all the pits and cracks. Then we will definitely warm the ceiling with a store primer or a mixture of carpentry and laundry soap. We will mark with the help of two nails and rubbed with a colored small rope. Now you can start glue wallpaper. Apply glue to the ceiling, then on the wallpaper strip and fold it with an accordion. One person takes one end of the strip and begins to stick on the ceiling, gently combining the edges with the marked line, and the second keeps the folded strip on weight. Smooth wallpaper is most convenient for a roller.

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