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The choice of the right furnace for the bathhouse

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It is known that modern furnaces are impeccable in design, which in accordance with the innovative technologies of the twenty -first century improved their functioning. And yet, what kind of oven you will choose for your bath or cottage, and warmth and comfort in the house, and ultimately your health.

Today the market for the construction of country houses is developing offensive, which involve its own bath, pool, sauna. Fanzers and furnaces for the bath – the cornerstone of the customer selection. Despite the wide response of manufacturers, the choice remains with you.

When purchasing a fireplace stove for your own cottage, you should first decide on which material your stove will be made. There are brick products, there are metal. And they are all different designs.

Often, the owners of country houses choose a fireplace stove, in which the type of design is channel. High efficiency – this is the prerogative of such a stove. It heats up intensively, retains heat for a long time, perfectly heats the room. It is the channels that drive hot smoke. “And under them – an oak table, a stove with a lounger of Tsezdova” – Pushkin lines from the “Tales of the Dead Princess and Seven Bogatyrs”, familiar to us from childhood, are calling for the choice of a cozy tiled stove. Today they are sharply different from those to this day stand in old merchant houses. Now they have mechanical fasteners. This contributes to the fact that a frequent change in temperature does not lead to subsequent cooling after heating and does not cause cracks. For financial savings, tiles can be replaced with a variety of furnace plastering – firewood fiberglass.

A brick stove-kamenka is not cheap stove. But it is known: greedy pays twice. Such a stove, by virtue of its unique design, provides what the Russian classic stove is famous for – light steam. Metal stoves for cottage, cottage and baths represent an alternative to brick stoves. They are lower in cost and have such features as a short gap of heating, prolonged cooling, lack of difficulties during transportation. The disadvantage of such furnaces is the abundance of the required fuel.

So, customers, think for yourself, decide for yourself what oven will brighten up your long winter evenings and heat the weary bodies and souls. If you make the right choice, you will not be terrible crackling frosts that predict weather forecasters, and the fireplace crack will provide you with health and joy. But when choosing, do not forget about the condition of your wallet and about the possibilities of operating the furnace, as well as, most importantly, about safety precautions.

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