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Vapor barrier materials (films, membranes, ribbons).

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Vapor barrier – these are materials that protect thermal insulation and building structures from the penetration of steam and the occurrence of condensates.

Types of vapor barrier materials

Polymer varnishes;

Rolled and sheet materials;

Barrow films (geosynthetics, PVC membranes, permamine, only, roofing material, spanbond);

Foil membranes.

The use of vapor protection

When warming buildings houses, steam -permeable materials are placed directly under the insulation. They are used to preserve wooden and brick walls, floors, ceilings, ceilings, roofs and windows. The films also lay under a roof made of metal tiles.

A device of a bath or sauna is a slightly different. In connection with the peculiarity of this structure (high temperatures), the vapor barrier is placed during the interior decoration for facing materials.

Which side to lay vapor barrier? Typically, the membrane has one smooth side and one rough, which contributes to the accumulation of condensate in order to further evaporate it. Based on this, you need to choose the side during installation.

It is worth noting that some vapor barrier materials also perform waterproofing (for example, roofing material).

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