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Bulk floor

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In modern construction, bulk floors are very widely used. First of all, this decision wins before the floor on wooden lags. The concrete floor does not swing, does not creak, it is the best sound insulator, the likelihood of “flooding” the neighbors decreases with it.

You can completely pour the floor with a cement by the old fashioned way, but you should not ignore modern bulk floors only because of their high price, compared to cement,. Such floors on a cement basis are beautiful in their simplicity. It is enough to pour them into a vessel, pour water in a certain ratio and can be applied to the floor. Such floors, firstly, quickly harden, and secondly, they themselves are aligned. As a result, less effort and time are spent on work, and the result looks amazing. Since such floors have a cement base, they can be applied to the cement floor. T. e. There is an opportunity to save, filling the floor with a certain amount of cheaper cement, but only the facing layer is entrusted with mixtures called “bulk floors”.

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