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Approval of design estimates in departments

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Stages of signing construction documentation in committees and organizations

The role of contracting organizations has been increased in the preparation of the construction plan. Ministries, departments and executive committees of district people’s councils must coordinate their projects of title lists (in relation to annual limits on construction and installation work, the deadlines for the submission of design estimates and the supply of machinery and equipment) with ministries and departments performing construction and installation work. Without compliance with this condition, title lists cannot be approved. The Ministry also approves state planned tasks for the implementation of scientific and technical achievements to scientific and production and installation plants. In accordance with the approved title lists of facilities, the construction and installation organization no later than September 15, preceding the planned, submits the customer a draft contract for consideration and signing.

This limit is established in general for organizations, including its central management apparatus, on the basis of an organizational and managerial structure of an economic organization approved by the Ministry. An important condition for the rhythmic implementation of construction and installation works and the commissioning of facilities in the established time limits is the timely provision of objects with the necessary material and technical resources. Supply limits of raw materials, materials, fuel, energy are determined by consumption standards differentiated by type of construction and technology.

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