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Requirements and options for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom

by britainsnews

The nuances and advice of professionals in the design of the ceiling in the toilet

The high ceiling of the toilet visually makes the room similar to the well. This effect will decrease if the ceiling is darker than the walls.

You can install lamps so that the lighting is heading down and to the sides. The size of the room will remain the same, but attention will shift to the tile decor or the color of the plumbing. The ceiling will simply fall out of the attention zone.

Rheok ceiling – another way out. A metal frame is made, verified into the corner. Then a profiled strip is attached to it. It is called a rail, although made of galvanized steel. The surface of the material is silver or gold mirror. The room looks more spacious, as the light flow is scattered.

If there is a desire to make a suspended ceiling in the toilet, consider the high moisture content of the room and select the materials based on this feature.

Suspended ceilings are distinguished by hygiene and moisture resistance, but you can’t name the democratic installation price, and this type of decoration is hardly appropriate for the toilet.

It is practical to finish the ceiling in the toilet with tiles. This is very simple, more economical and allows you to hide the irregularities.

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