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Repair of a wooden floor

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When it passes for some time, the floorboards can be sigent, then different creaks and other sounds begin. This can especially touch the house made of timber. This is for the reason that almost all elements in the house are wooden. In addition, often between the short distances that appear between the floorboards, dust and garbage will be collected.

In order not to happen, it is necessary to correct all the defects that appeared. Slits are clogged with twine or ropes. In this case, the rope should be moistened in advance with adhesive compounds.

You should proceed to the subsequent stage of work when the adhesive mixture applied to the places where the gap is located will completely dry out. To do this, take small pieces, for example, linoleum and pour it with acetone. After that, the linoleum begins to dissolve. It turns out special solutions that are suitable for putting up many cracks. This putty should be put down with gaps and various defects, you can use a spatula for this. After that, when all the cracks are plunged, it will be necessary to clean them with sandpaper. Brilling is done at the very end. The seams that were made will be very elastic. In the future they will not crack. You can forget for a long time about what the phrase “musical sex” means.

The seaming of the joints that are in wooden floors should be carried out using a specially made stencil. Such stencils can be made by cutting from a film or cardboard. After that, you can apply special putty on the stencil, so you can fill out many cracks that are in the floor. This method is very effective and convenient in that when it is used, then the flooring will remain clean, and the seams will have a good quality of filling.

If housing has a floor made of parquet, then the sealing of cracks is necessary, this is done with a special paste. Often such a paste is made of sawdust, which must be mixed with varnish, which has an oil base. Settling cracks of wooden floor 2

Before preparing the sawdust solution, it will be necessary to sift with a sieve. After that, you can add a dye corresponding to the color of the parquet to the sieve. Next, the parquet seams are treated and dried.

After drying the solution, it will be possible to close up many cracks that are in the floor. After that, the seams must be treated with sandpaper. The first stage of processing will be rough processing (sandpaper is chosen larger). The second stage is thin processing (performed using fine paper).

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