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Liquid fuel heating boilers: on diesel fuel or fuel oil, single -circuit or double -circuit

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The device and principle of operation of liquid -fuel boilers do not differ from gas. The main difference in the design of the burner, therefore, many boilers provide work on two types of fuel, for which it is enough to have two specialized burners and change them in case of fuel change. Liquid fuel boilers provide autonomy of heating, maximum comfort of use and have a high degree of automation.

Liquid fuel heating systems are produced and tuned mainly for the following types of fuel:

Diesel fuel (diesel fuel);

Fuel oil;

Heating oil.

There are also boilers working on kerosene, worked out car oil and other oil refining waste. The most common household boilers with diesel fuel, but fuel oil is usually used in boiler rooms and on thermal power plants.

For the functions performed, liquid boilers are:

Single -circuit (only heating);

Double -circuit (heating and hot water supply).

By the method of placement in the room:

Wall (limited assortment);

Floor (most popular).

Wall boilers have more compact dimensions and fit better into the interior, but are usually not produced under the entire range of possible types of fuel. And, as a rule, they suggest the possibility of switching to gas. Floor boilers have higher power, large sizes and often require a separate room.

According to the temperature work regime and energy efficiency:

Convection (high -temperature, coolant 150 ° C and above)

Condensation (low -temperature, coolant up to 115 ° C).

Condensation boilers are more environmentally friendly, t. To. the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere is to reduce. Convection are characterized by high operational reliability and simpler installation and maintenance.

The most popular manufacturers of equipment for liquid -fuel heating are:






Also, heating boilers are divided by power, in the general case, it is taken at the rate of 1 kW at 10m 2 heated area.

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