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Is it possible to paint wooden floors yourself

by britainsnews

Wooden painted floors require periodic painting. How to properly paint the plank floors? What paint to cover wooden floors?

In this article, we will talk about such paint for plank floors as enamel tree. Such enamel is simple and convenient to apply to the surface. She is moisture -resistant. She has high wear resistance and good durability.

The tree is a rather complicated composition of the suspension of pigments from varnishes, sequcasa and with the addition of solvents. By the way, for painting or repair, you need special clothes. We advise you to visit the website of the overalls store in Moscow. Only high -quality clothing from super -strength materials from a domestic manufacturer for different specialists of a narrow profile. Such enamel is designed for internal work.

Such paint is used to apply two layers of painting planking floors. Apply such enamel to dry cleaned floors. Before you start using enamel, the contents in the jar must be thoroughly mixed. If the paint is very thick, then it can be diluted with such drugs as White Spirit, Nefras.

Time from the start of enamel application to the floor surface and until completely dry is 24 hours.

The enamel has a yellow-brown color and the color of the red-brown. When conducting sex painting, you need to open the windows to ventilate the room.

The tree of the tree can not be heated, it must be stored in places distant from the fire. The container where the enamel is stored should be tightly closed.

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