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What roofing materials to choose for the arrangement of the roof

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For roofs, it is accessible to use a variety of roofing materials, while taking into account the architectural solution of the building, its efficiency plus durability. So, for garages, and also sheds are fully logical to use a roof with a small slope from roofing material. It is easy for yourself to determine the approximate slopes of the roof with different roofs, you should simply take into account the number of layers, then sealing joints, fastening to the crate, the base plus rafters. Tile roofing assumes the most ancient structure.

It is actually durable, safe in fire, it does not require coloring and frequent repairs. You can make an excellent commercial offer to firms if you are building a building for renting offices to the arena, the main thing is in such a case a high -quality roof and the finish of the building. As you know, a commercial offer, in fact, the main tool for installing the primary communication. If your building involves a tiled roof, then it will look rich, and the service life will increase to a hundred years. It is important to note that cement-sand tiles began to change in modern, high-rise residential buildings.

The main types of tiles are strip, and also groove. The first option is laid in two layers with the aim of completely overlapping the seams, this will naturally lead to an increased consumption of the material, the weight of the roof increases, which is naturally a disadvantage. The second option involves the longitudinal edges of the groove, but below the ear, and on top of the junk comb, all this ensures the reliability of the structure. Based on what, the groove tile is available in one layer.

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