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Choose the necessary tools for laying parquet

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Laying a parquet board and the necessary tool

If you decide to lay an artistic park, then this article is for you. Before you start laying a parquet board, you must first get an appropriate and necessary tool. In addition, do not forget that it is also necessary to prepare the surface. Here it is worth noting the fact that the permissible deviation of the floor should be three millimeters at a distance of two meters of the floor. If the screed was laid, then it is necessary to wait for it to be completely dry.

As for the self -leveling screed, as a rule, it dries at least four days. The concrete screed dries within a month.

Considering the necessary instruments for laying parquet, you can notice such as a pencil, a ruler, an electrician that is necessary to cut off unnecessary parts of parquet boards. It is also necessary, not to forget about such an instrument as a square, level, a puncher, an end -to -line bars, a hacksaw, etc. D.

The basic requirements for laying parquet are primarily laying on a perfectly flat surface. If the wedge parquet has locks, then it is not recommended using nails, since the locks in this case will quickly become unusable.

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