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What needs to be taken into account when installing drywall: Features

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Gypsum cardboard is a universal building material with which wall decoration, ceiling areas, various structures, partitions, etc. D. Using drywall in the decoration of any surfaces, you can hide all existing defects, close inconvenient communications, perform parallel insulation and sound insulation. For rooms with high humidity, gypsum cardboard has passed special processing. In modern design, it is used to create multi -level ceilings, arches, columns, domes. After performing the installation of drywall, its surface is decorated using any finishing material: wallpaper, decorative plaster, painting, tiles. It will also not be superfluous to visit the Gourmandine website. Com. ua and find out useful information on it.

The installation of drywall is carried out directly on a pre -installed frame. It is made of a metal profile, which is attached to the surfaces of the walls or ceilings using dowels. It is recommended to lay the insulation material that is covered with a steam barrier to all free places of the frame. After that, the sheets of drywall should be sewn up the entire metal frame, this is done by screwing the screws, thus producing the fastening of gypsum plastic sheets to the metal frame. The finished surface is primed, after which putty work is carried out.

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