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Glued wall beam: what is it

by britainsnews

Houses using glued beams are quickly built, because, all cups and grooves on the bars are made at the factory using specialized equipment, there is no need for highly qualified builders (collectors). After the house is assembled, you can immediately install door and window blocks in it, since the walls of the walls are not required to be aged to shrink.

If the beam for walls before assembly is processed with protective and decorative compositions, then after completing the construction the house does not need to be subjected to additional processing.

Since the geometry of the wall beam during operation does not change much, so the need is sometimes excluded to hemping the grooves, as in houses made of practical logs, because of this, the appearance of through cracks is also excluded. Such a beam is made using longitudinal sawing of logs, after which the boards are glued together and processed with a special composition.

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