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Storage, transportation and vertical transport of lining sheets

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In order to avoid damage, sheets in warehouses, in cars and at a construction site are put in stacks in a flat area without any lining; the height of the stacks should not exceed two meters. Stacks are protected from rain and snow or stored in dry rooms.

Vertical transport of lining sheets is carried out with mast lifts and cranes. Within the floor, the sheets are transported on special carts, or they are carried manually.

For lifting shells, several types of containers are used by cranes. The container of a small model with a capacity of 4-5 sheets has a weight of 50 kg, and together with sheets of 200 kg. A 12 sheet container has a container weight of 115 kg, weight with sheets of 485 kg.

The last type container is convenient for the supply of lining sheets to the place of production of finishing work through window openings, since after installing the container at the reception site and removing the enclosing bracket from the container endor end, the latter is easily moved into the rooms in existing rollers.

The disadvantage of these containers is their bulky and large weight compared to the weight of the moved sheets. On both long elements of the container, there are two loops that serve to capture the sling when lifting the bag of sheets with a crane. The package, thus, can be lifted from any side. The weight of the container is 29 kg with a capacity of 15 sheets. Container weight with a load of 500 kg.

Container of the design of p. G. Radchenko is a metal folding frame consisting of two parts interconnected. Each part, in turn, consists of two elements connected by a hinge. A longer element has a box section and bent side edges, which protect the sheets from falling out and from damage to the edges.

The length of this element corresponds to the length of the movable sheets. A short element of 1254 mm long at the free end has a protracted bottle -type castle for fastening with the hook of the long element of the second part of the container. All parts of the container are made for relief by lattice (perforated).

Container dimensions 3008x1254x162 mm are sufficient to move sheets 3000 mm long. If sheets of a different length are used at the construction site, then the longitudinal parts of the framework make the corresponding sizes.

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