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What ceiling to choose for the kitchen

by britainsnews

When choosing a ceiling for your kitchen, you will need all your patience and thoroughness. Since it must meet many parameters, such as: moisture resistance (cooking and boiling kettle will provide very high air humidity) and convenience when washing (even the best hood will not provide complete protection). Despite this, many types of coatings are fully consistent with the requirements. It is worth noting that the ceiling should fit into the design of the apartment. So what to choose ..

You can secure a cheap and rather quick repair for yourself. For this, tiles made of polystyrene are ideal. This coating will hide all small defects of the ceiling and will serve a decent period. Of the minuses, one can noted the external old -fashioned.

There is another option – ceiling tiles or rack ceilings. This type of ceiling will not require special preparatory work, but at the end of the process, it will be necessary to mount the lamps. You should not use such a ceiling if you have a small height of the room, since the rack ceilings will reduce the height by another 5-7 cm.

The third option is hypnotics. It is essentially also a suspended ceiling (respectively, the kitchen will become slightly lower), so it does not require preparatory work. It will also be a plus that drywall can be thrown and painted, and this gives space for your imagination. So the beautiful ceiling is guaranteed to you!

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