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Plywood 18 mm moisture

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Moisture -resistant plywood 1. 5×1. 5 – 18 mm is made of a radiant veneer. Consists of 13 layers saturated with epoxy resins. Can be polished and unnecessary. The maximum deviation in the thickness for polished plywood is 0, 7mm, for the unstable – 1, 3 mm.

It is divided into homogeneous and combined species depending on the variety of materials used. It is used in the construction of low storey houses, country cottages; in taroping production; like a flooring under a roof; for wall lining; for the production of formwork and as a substrate for parquet; used in shipbuilding and car construction.

Moisture -resistant plywood 18 mm is made of deciduous trees: linden, poplar, ilm, alder, birch, maple, beech, aspen; and conifers: larch, cedar, pine, spruce, fir. The thickness of the layers of material in 1mm. Each subsequent layer of veneer is located perpendicular to the previous one, which increases the rigidity and elasticity of the entire structure. The formation of the sheet is in such a way that all symmetrically located layers are made of one tree breed.

Moisture -resistant plywood for the floor can be used as a substrate, thanks to its depreciation properties. The plywood substrate provides a perfectly even surface, which greatly simplifies further laminate laminate or parquet board. Such a linoleum substrate increases its life: it avoids creases and scuffs on the surface of this coating.

If the construction is carried out “from scratch”, then a moisture -resistant plywood of 18 mm is perfectly combined with a concrete screed, which is the basis, the only condition when working with which is for a long time (concrete should dry 1, 5-2 months), otherwise the plywood is installed on the wet surface of the plywood rot. With precious observance of technological processes, the floor will remain in its original form for decades. Since the birch veneer is stronger than coniferous materials, even in combined varieties of plywood, the birch veneer is external casing, which increases the life of plywood.

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