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All building materials of the manufacturer: Knauf

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KNAUF ELECTION OF THE PALITURE OF THE SERMAN COMPANY KNAUF, consists of gypsum fiber leaf, reinforced with fluffy cellulose and formed by two small Glvlites, glued in pairs. The thickness of this product is 2 cm. Sheets are shifted relative to each other, forming fakes 5 cm. Unlike ordinary GVL, the floor element, which has a folding edge, simplifies installation compared to low -format gypsum fiber slabs.

It also has moisture resistance, accelerates the deadlines for the commissioning of the object, facilitates the adjustment of the extension elements in the places of adjacence to the walls with a complex configuration.

We advise the floor element to buy those who can save, because by reducing the consumption of adhesive mixtures, screws and the possibility of using the remains of the material to form the next row, a significant decrease in material costs is obtained compared to the usual GKL.

Floors using the floor element, the price of which is almost comparable to conventional gypsum fiber sheets of the same size, are smooth. The noise-insulating and thermal insulation characteristic of the base is increased in comparison with the usual cement-sand screed.

The floor element is laid on a pre -leveled surface. In the places of adjacence to the walls and other enclosing structures, folds must be removed. It is not problematic to do this, it is enough to lay them on any flat surface, so that the fake edge is hanging, then cut and then rubbed.

The installation of the coating using EP is carried out by a scope, and the cross -shaped joints of sheets should be avoided. In order to tightly fix the floor elements with each other, the folds are smeared with the adhesive mixture and pressed with bolts.

In terms of strength, the floor element is much superior to moisture -resistant drywall, but in lightness – it is not inferior to it. Pulp fibers have the ability to amortize the static and dynamic stress of moderate force.

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