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Coatings for walls

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Wall panels are a type of construction and final material, which is sheets of PVC, MDF, glass, etc., made for fast wall skin.

Types of wall coatings on the material:

MDF panels (FEP);





Types of plates for its intended purpose:

For interior decoration;

For external finishes.

There is also a huge selection of colors and stylizations. For example, coating for brick or tile. The 3D panels are a special delight: they are easy to fit into the interior design, though their value is slightly higher than that of ordinary types.

Different types of plates have completely different technical characteristics. So, for example, in kitchen panels of the “apron” type (they are a wall slab and a countertop) an important parameter, in addition to thickness, is the width of the wall part and the countertop itself.

For the kitchen, it is best to use moisture -resistant and non -combustible panels.

Installation of wall panels

Installation of plastic panels and MDV is carried out on specially prepared structures – wooden rails are attached to the wall on screws, and only then the walls are sheathed. In some cases (for example, when decorative or moisture -resistant wall panels are attached), glue is used so as not to damage the laminated surface.

Famous manufacturers:

Boiserie (Boiserie);

Georgia Pacific;



Ply Gem.

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