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The alignment of the floor with plywood

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If you decide to make repairs in your apartment, which will definitely affect the floor, then you should definitely conduct its preliminary preparation. It’s good if the floor was perfectly even even, but this is extremely rare-usually there is a cocoon, uneven protrusions, therefore, they often use the floor alignment with plywood, which allows you to carry out preparatory work in the shortest possible time and begin the next stages of repair.

So, the advantages of “dry” alignment include the efficiency of work, as well as convenience when leveling a wooden floor. If alignment of the floor is used by plywood without lag, then it is first worth removing irregularities, after which plywood is nailed on the prepared surface. You can align the floor and a combination of plywood and lag: using a frame in the form of lag, a horizontal level is set. Then the plywood is laid on the built frame and nailed. In both cases, plywood should be laid on a clean and dry floor, otherwise after a while the smell of rot or mold may appear after a while. It will be very unpleasant if by this time all repairs will be over.

You should not put the first plywood sheet and immediately nail it – before that, you should put the floor with sheets, move them to achieve the minimum number of cuts. Only after detailed measurement can you begin to nullify, it will help to significantly save the number of plywood, which will be used to align the floor.

This leveling method is especially suitable in the case of use as a subsequent coating of carpet or linoleum (the thickness of the plywood used-1, 5-2 cm). If you plan to lay a laminate or parquet, then you should still resort to a concrete screed or to the so-called bulk floors.

If you compare the alignment of the floor with a plywood with other methods, then it is worth noting its cheapness, as well as the possibility of quickly obtaining a perfectly even surface of the floor.

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