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Boilers are the most popular water heating devices. Gas boilers are very popular in our country, this is mainly due to the low cost of natural gas. The boiler consists of several elements. Table, usually cylindrical shape, gas burner, automation and control unit, chimney. An important advantage of the gas boiler is to obtain water from different places located below or higher above the burner. Gas boilers usually provide for the possibility of mounting on the wall, which is very convenient in the conditions of small -sized apartments, in which there is no technical room for heating equipment.

Modern gas boilers are equipped with an automation system that makes it completely safe. The boiler works during water failures, with gas pressure drops, automation works without fail. Several points of water supply gives him additional advantage in front of gas columns, which he is not only inferior at all, but also has certain advantages. Thanks to modern components, the boiler works for a long period, without requiring repair or preventive work. A protective covered is applied to a cylindrical steel water reservoir on the inner surface. Therefore, it is not only not subject to corrosion, but also does not leave scale on the walls.

There is a large species variety of boilers, among them wall, floor and built -in; electric and gas; There are also boilers working with running water.

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