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Electric boilers

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Electric heating is the youngest method of heating. At the same time, according to a number of qualities, it can be recognized as the most modern. First of all, for its environmental friendliness and security. Thanks to electric boilers, there is no need to observe a whole list of safety requirements – there is no need to build chimneys, there is no danger of suffocating with carbon monoxide or smoke ..

As for prices, today the electric boilers are inferior only to gas boilers on natural gas. All other types of fuel (with the exception of free wood in rural areas) are less economical. Elektracots have high efficiency, they are flexible in control, fully automated, make it possible to configure a separate temperature regime in each room.

Modern electric boilers are divided into two types – tennium and electrode. Each of them has its own advantages. Electric boilers become more popular due to their efficiency. Compared to the Tennovs, they can save electricity by 30-35%. Tennaya boilers are equipped with their own automation unit, which simplifies the purchase and installation of the heating system.

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