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What type of roof to choose for a private house

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Roofs consisting of 4 slopes are called valme. The end slopes are made in the form of triangles, and the side – in the form of trapezoids. Each roof slope rests on one wall of four buildings. Hell roofs are usually not made very high. Such roofs are not customary to warm. Mansard or otherwise broken roofs are used to arrange an attic room under the roof. Such roofs in our time are common.

Smarts of roofs are similar to holly. The difference is that all 4 slopes have the shape of triangles. The tops of these triangles rest on one point. This type of roofs in private housing construction today has ceased to be popular. The choice of a roof for a private sector is always a responsible matter. You should also know and take into account the fact that the larger the slope of the slopes, the cooler the roof will be, the less snow and rainwater will be lingered there. But the wind can easily break such a roof.

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