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Rubillers are used for switching, opening and closing circuits in manual or remote mode.   Also used bypass schedules that switch the load without rupture of the chain to the backup line. Rubillers are produced per current from 100 A, to work in direct current networks, they use schedules up to 10,000 A. There are also devices for low -current networks up to 10 A. Depending on the number of phases on the Web, the same -pole or two -three -and four -poolic. The selection of the switch for the network also determines the rated voltage of 220 or 400 V. An important structural detail of the chip is contacts in devices that are used in networks with large currents from 1 ka, use several parallel contact plates – knives. To interrupt an electric arc that occurs, if the shutdown is made under load, the chipsters can be equipped with a ardent chamber.  

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