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Visual expansion of the room with arched openings

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Arched openings: types, advantages and material of execution

For small apartments, the ideal option for visual expansion of space is arched openings. They can be performed in several versions. Classic type – a rounded arch that has a correct radius. Modern type – suggests lifting the arc arc. Type of romance – suggests a straight part in the center, and the outer radius with rounded corners. Ellipse type – Ellipse form as an arc arc. Also, the arch can be installed over a window opening or doorway. In addition, you can buy a finished opening in disassembled form. The composition includes arcs, racks, a panel for racks and arcs, decorative locks that can be narrow rounded or wide. It will not be superfluous to visit the site

Brick arch is used in ray jumper. Masonry is carried out by formwork. The racks are installed on wedges to facilitate its removal after the solution hardens. It is used for laying a pattern of brick, which has a narrow and wide end, then the seams will acquire a wedge -shaped shape. Wooden arches are made of wood or by sticking stripes of wood on a bar. Glued constructions are also used, which in terms of properties do not differ from wood elements.

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