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Design and refinement of the garden

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Choosing material for creating garden paths with your own hands

Having a country house or a summer cottage, the owners invest not only money into it, but the soul. Therefore, everyone tries to ennoble the garden area to their liking and capabilities. Someone prefers to use the services of landscape design specialists, others create beauty with their own hands.

Garden design includes all the elements of creating a single composition and idea of ​​the plan. Starting with the selection and distribution of plants, the location of the recreation area, lighting, coating of garden paths. Among the many coatings of paths from various materials, the most popular is the asphalting and improvement of the garden this does this quite cheap. Of course, the asphalt coating has some disadvantages. This is his deformation and crack. In the summer, thanks to the chemical composition, the asphalt does not smell quite nice.

The positive aspects of the asphalt path also cannot be ignored. A broken concrete path can be updated with asphalt. Color asphalt – red, green, will give the scope of imagination and an unexpected decorative solution to the landscaping of the garden. The original idea will be to roll up various pebbles into asphalt. Paths should not cause the desire to cross the site by passing them. Saving, one might say, a plot from thoughtless trampling, the asphalt paths divide the site into sectors, harmoniously fitting into it.

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