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Ten to twenty years ago, everyone used aluminum wiring and did not know grief. But time goes on, and today is a completely different time. The needs of people have grown significantly, the number of household appliances has almost doubled, the capacity they consume are much higher than the one that was of their predecessors. Therefore, today the question is “which posting to choose?»Sounds like a better ever.

You can simply answer: “Of course copper,” but it is easy to make a mistake. Of course, copper has the best conductivity indicators, it heats less, withstands much large loads, gets older, in the end it looks more beautiful. But copper is much more expensive. If you make a wiring in half of the house from a copper cable, and suddenly you will understand that this is not affordable for you; Better to take money and finish all of copper. Installation of two types of cables will cause you so many troubles that you will soon want to move than to redo your work. First of all, it is necessary to clearly know in advance what electrical appliances will be in the house. Suddenly it turns out that there is nothing in the apartment that consumes more than two hundred watts per hour. Why then spend money on an expensive copper cable? But if your plans are ambitious, you are going to put a washing machine, electric kettle, oven, air conditioning, electric heating; then the verdict is unequivocal: you need a copper cable.

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