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The use of artificial stone in decoration and construction

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Advantages and varieties of artificial construction stone

Construction uses artificial and natural construction stone. But the share of their application is now impossible to compare. So natural stone is currently used in very limited and low -volume work. But artificial is used everywhere and for any volume of construction.

When we are talking about artificial construction stone, not only the artificial facing stone familiar to everyone, but also ceramic tiles, tiles, porcelain tiles, brick and many other building materials. A huge number of materials belong to the construction stone. If we talk about brick, then this is a burned and unbight brick. The first includes ceramic brick, which is divided into a bunch of varieties, and to the second silicate brick. Clains, water and high temperature are used for the production of ceramic bricks, and quartz sand and lime will be required to make silicate. A number of materials are called building stone, concrete slabs, from which buildings, fences, access roads and many other designs are built. High strength, reliability and durability are inherent in this material, however, like all artificial construction stones.

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