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The profile of the angular aluminum

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One of the most time -consuming and complex repair work is plastering and putty. If there were no specialized profiles, then there would be very few specialists, and work would cost a lot of money. Lights and corners come to our aid.

Light or plastered lighthouse profile, that it is? This is a profile to save time and effort to calculate the flat layer of plaster on the walls. It is used as a support structure. Such profiles are attached to the wall at a certain distance, which allows you to safely apply the plaster with an even layer. At the end of the work, the beacons remain completely imperceptible in the wall. The most common models are six and ten millimeter profiles. The most popular metals of their manufacture are galvanized steel and aluminum.

The corner profile performs similar functions, then not in the plane of the wall, but at its corners, it helps to remove the plaster smoothly. With it, even old crooked walls can be beautifully brought to an even right angle.

A similar, but somewhat different task is performed by an arched angle of PVC. With his help, the dreams and fantasies of many are embodied in life, since it is necessary to give structures from drywall of different curves. If you want to see arch, semicircles, arcs and other decorative elements in the interior of your house, then you need a flexible corner.

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